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What Vitamins You Should Consume for Amazing Hair – Dennis Begos

Dennis Begos

Who doesn’t want to have healthy hair? Everyone wants to look good, and healthy hair is vital for enhanced appearance. If you don’t believe it, consider imagining yourself as rough and untidy here. While the hair texture is hugely dependent on your genetics, Dennis Begos says some changes in your diet, primarily the inclusion of multivitamin-mineral foods, can make your hair healthy and shining, just like the guy or girl you see in Cosmopolitan.

Vitamins are important for hair growth and the prevention of hair loss and thinning. To back this, studies reveal that nutritional deficiency is the primary cause of hair loss and many other problems. Therefore, by consuming essential vitamins, you can significantly improve your hair texture and avoid serious hair conditions.

Dennis Begos shares a few key vitamins you should include in your diet to keep your hair healthy:

Vitamin A

Our body cells need vitamin A to repair, and hair is no anomaly since it’s the fastest-growing tissue in the human body. In addition, vitamin A enables skin glands to produce sebum which keeps your hair healthy and moisturizes the skin. If your diet lacks vitamin A, experts recommend you supplement it with targeted nutritional foods as they are rich in vitamin A and are easy to consume.

Vitamin B

B-vitamin, or otherwise known as biotin, is a vital vitamin that helps maintain hair health. Studies show that biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss and can be detrimental to growth. While its deficiency rarely occurs as it’s widely available in foods, especially in eggs, it can happen. If you are facing thinning hair or loss, it’s advisable to shoot up your biotin intake with the help of multivitamin-mineral foods. You can look for V-vitamin-rich foods or fruits that you can easily consume.

Vitamin C

You probably didn’t know this, but free radical damage in the body causes hair to lose its strength and hamper growth. That said consuming vitamin C can help fight oxidative stress by free radicals and therefore prevent hair damage. Also, it’s responsible for producing a vital protein called collagen, which is part of the hair structure. So make sure your diet includes vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. You can also consider adding multivitamin-mineral meals to your diet. You can include several things in your diet for getting enough Vitamin C. Dennis Begos says that Vitamin C can help you deal with several skin-related problems and boost immunity.

In a nutshell

Everyone wants to have healthy and shiny hair or want to prevent hair loss or any other problems. Consider adding vitamins to ensure its good health and quicker repair. You can also include targeted nutritional raw foods. If you want, you can also consult an expert to know what type of food can give the maximum number of vitamins and how you can add them to your diet. These vitamins are the essential ones for hair growth.

Vitamins are essential for your body and hair. So, ensure that you have them in plenty to enjoy the maximum benefits.