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Dennis Begos provides a blueprint about starting a home care agency business

Dennis Begos

In the US, as the generation of baby boomers keeps aging, the number of senior citizens above the age of 65 years is increasing too. Naturally, the need for medical and personal care of the aging population is growing too, observes Dennis Begos. Entrepreneurs who have some experience or inclination to operate in the health care industry can use the opportunity to start a business home care health agency. If you have a blend of entrepreneurial traits and a mission for caring and serving the community, you can start a home health care agency.

The business of home caregiving explained by Dennis Begos

Home health care includes the medical and health support that senior citizens require to lead a comfortable life at home. Since many elderly persons cannot take care of themselves due to aging or medical reasons, they need someone to look after them. The caregivers include health workers like nurses and other staff trained in monitoring the health parameters by blood pressure and blood sugar, looking after the elders’ health, and attending to minor medical needs like wound care while caring for their mental health.  Such is necessary for senior citizens in general, especially when they return from the hospital.

Overall, home care covers the daily needs of senior citizens by providing the necessary assistance in their daily chores. Helping the seniors to dress up or prepare meals to help them walk around by taking them outdoors is part of home care.

To start a home care agency, follow the steps below.

Create a business plan

Start with a business plan that provides a blueprint of the business that explains the business model focusing on its mission and vision. It defines the services on offer, the business process and nature of operations, and the kind of staffing necessary to achieve the business goals. The plan includes the financial aspects of the business as well as the ROI and the expected profits.

Obtain a license from the state

To comply with the state laws, register your business with the state according to the laws. And the guidelines for obtaining a license for operating a home care agency. It will help you receive payment from Medicaid and Medicare. You must incorporate your business, register for your NPI or National Provider Identification. And get your TIN of Tax Identification Number.

Obtain the certification of Medicaid and Medicare

To provide the services like nursing care and allied services like physical therapy, you must obtain a certificate for Medicaid. And Medicare for facilitating receipt of payments.  Start the process early, as it can take about a year to get the certificate.

Hire competent staff

Select the best quality of staff that can uphold your business philosophy of caring. And nursing with empathy towards the patients. Check the background of the persons you recruit. And during interviews, assess their skills and temperament to ensure that they are the right people for your business.

Once you are ready to roll out the business, start to find clients through effective marketing. And ensure proper funding to help the business gather momentum.