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Dennis Begos Highlights the Lifestyle Changes to Curb the Chances of Mental Trauma and Stress

Dennis Begos

Dennis Begos, There is an increasing urge to get back to normal life since we are all realizing that the Coronavirus may be here to stay. And it is highly uncertain about the probable time the pandemic will end.

Due to prolonged confinement at home, and fear of contracting the virus, and also the fact that people are losing their loved and dear ones to COVID-19, people are suffering from mental trauma and distress. Let us find out few ways in which you can try to maintain mental sanity during the pandemic.

Dennis Begos suggests few steps that you can take so that you do not fall prey to the adverse impacts of COVID-19.

Exercise regularly

Walking slowly for 30 minutes daily can boost your mood. Brisk walking is your best bet but if you do not want to go out of the house, take a stroll on your terrace or in your backyard or for that matter around your house.

Meditate daily

Meditating and practicing mindfulness have become powerful tools for mental well-being. Studies have revealed that persistent stress reduces your body’s immunity. As a result, you become vulnerable to several ailments.

We know very well that when your immunity system betrays you, you get a lot of diseases, which also include COVID-19 and the severity depends on some factors as well, which include co-morbidities.

Practice mindfulness

These days you will find that many clinics are conducting mindfulness classes and sessions to help with meditation and better control over the mind. You can enroll for one such session and keep your mental health sturdy and good.

Many people have benefited from these sessions and have managed to keep ailments at bay.

Go slow in your life

Take one day at a time. Live the moment and stop worrying about the future. After all, despite all the plans for those sales targets and opening a new start-up, everything had to be stalled due to the pandemic. Carry on your work remotely and adopt the best possible measures to stay safe and fine. Dennis Begos believes that there will be time for all the good things in life so at this juncture of life, go slow.

Curb outside and junk food

Since you are confined at home and not being able to perform activities like before, for instance traveling to. And fro work, and so on, it is best not to indulge in outside food that might have trans-fat in high content.

Watch media sparingly for news

If you want to catch up with what is going on in the various social media platforms or watch television, absorb pandemic news sparingly. There are too many unreliable sources that will provide half-true information. And do not believe whatever you hear.

Instead, refer to the websites or news channels of authentic sources that will provide updates. And genuine information and statistical data.

Last but not the least, stay around people that have a positive frame of mind. It is said that negativity attracts negativity. Stay away from people that are always complaining and cribbing, and you will be in a happier space.