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Dennis Begos describes the role of medical transcriptionists in the healthcare industry

Dennis Begos

Since healthcare impacts human lives, healthcare professionals shoulder the huge responsibility of taking proper care of people.  Attending to hundred of patients every day, monitoring their health closely, and priding treatment keep the healthcare professionals on their toes throughout the day Dennis Begos.

Healthcare workers like doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other professionals that provide medical aid are highly busy professionals who handle important assignments under stressful conditions. They find it extremely hard to manage time writing prescriptions or other health records while focusing on patient care. Doing the paperwork creates distractions, multiplies stress, and affects the core services they can ill afford, explains Dennis Begos.

Dennis Begos explains what medical transcription services mean

In such circumstances, doctors, physicians, surgeons. And nurses prefer to create audio files of their professional advice, findings, and patient instructions that save them from the paperwork. In the next step, they help the medical transcription services provider convert the audio files into typed documents like medical reports and other documents related to the treatment. Eliminating the time for paperwork allow healthcare professionals to concentrate better on the patients for improved care.

The task of medical transcription services is to convert all audio notes into text documents like clinical summaries and surgical notes. The service provider is responsible for recording the audio. And then converting it into a written document that forms a part of the medical record for both doctors. And patients necessary for insurance claims and carrying out the treatment by following the directions of doctors. 

Doing away with medical assistants

Most healthcare providers must spend at least an hour at the end of the day’s work to transcribe their notes. Some may depend on the medical assistants who take the notes throughout the day. They discuss and finalize it with the person concerned at the end of the day. Whether the healthcare workers do the job by themselves or with the help of medical assistants. Their involvement in the task eats away their valuable time. Instead, outsourcing the service to some medical transcription company relieves them of writing or finalizing the documents after discussing with the medical assistants. 

Trained transcriptionists can do the job

Medical transcription services companies hire qualified and trained personnel who can transcribe the audio records into written text. The transcription professionals are experts in understanding the medical terms used by the healthcare professionals to describe any medical condition or medical process. The knowledge helps them summarize the audio recording topic by ensuring that it includes all the critical points related to the treatment. And the medical advice of the doctor about the ongoing treatment.

However, The medical transcriptionist does some academic work and creates the document in the way the healthcare professional desires. Since every medical professional has their way of representing the records, the transcriptionist must adhere to the norms. And the format was explained to them. Moreover, they must be conversant with the HIPAA guidelines and the industry language.

The medical transcriptionists are the eyes. And ears of the healthcare providers as they recreate the verbal communication into a written document.