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Dennis Begos analyses crucial factors affecting mental health

Dennis Begos

Feeling down, worried, and stressed at a different point in time is typical. However, if it becomes a part of your lifestyle, it is a matter of concern. Multiple factors play a vital role in mental health. The elements may be emanating from physical health, external agents, or other sources. The varying circumstances, protective factors, risk, and day-to-day challenges contribute to anxiety and depression Dennis Begos.

The problem is severe among the younger generation. Hence, you have to develop protective factors for reducing your stress level and improving your mental health. Remember that cognitive and physical health go hand in hand. When you take care of one, the other follows.

Isolation and loneliness are the main stressors, as propounded by Dennis Begos

The first source of anxiety and depression is loneliness. People experience isolation at different points in time. At times, the feeling subsides. However, if it stays for long, it will have a pessimistic impact on mental health. There may be multiple reasons for the sense of isolation and loneliness. It can be low-income family relationships, grief and loss, poor physical condition, mental issues, retirement, and the like. When you are enduring this problem, you can speak about the problem with your friends and family members.

Loss and grief may take over you

Grief follows loss like a natural consequence. Death of near and dear ones, miscarriage, loss of job, loss of children, and infertility are reasons for grief. The way you feel has a lot to do with your mental functioning. No matter what you are enduring, you have to direct your mind towards a positive direction. Dennis Begosadvises that you must try to take out time for activities you enjoy when you are grieving. It will help you to re-energize yourself. You can also grab the support of family and friends by way of video calls, telephonic phone calls, messaging, and the like.

Family violence severely affects mental health

Domestic violence is not only physically unsafe but also mentally challenging. Physical harm, social distance, stalking, psychological and emotional harassment are some of the problems in this category. Verbal abuse and cultural and spiritual factors also play an important role over here. If you feel that your family problems are going beyond your control, you can negotiate with the local authorities. Get in touch with a legal practitioner if you want to file a lawsuit.

Children have to deal with bullying

Apart from adults, children have their sources of stress. Bullying is one of them. It can be intentional and repeated. It has an impact on the social and physical behavior of the individual concerned. The misuse of authority and repeated physical, verbal and social assault may result in psychological harm. Hence, children must speak to their parents or teachers in these situations. They have to report the incident as fast as possible.

These factors related to stress and anxiety can get reduced with a positive approach. You can take the help of psychologists and counselors who provide one-to-one counseling sessions. These therapies are effective for treating the problem.